ACG is a strategic alliance that provides a coordinated development finance response. The Group’s collective efforts contribute to the sustainable development of societies around the world in a range of areas from infrastructure to healthcare.

The Group provides a wide range of targeted solutions and optimizes the deployment of resources to meet the development needs of nations. Collaborating on initiatives, sharing knowledge and risk, and providing flexibility ensure that the Group’s efforts are creating positive, sustainable impact.

Through collaboration, the Group optimizes the deployment of resources and the giving of aid. Due to its combined financial power, ACG is the world’s second largest donor group of entities.

A key objective of ACG is to derive benefit from coordinating financing efforts and the accompanying procedures, particularly for major projects and programs that exceed the capacity of any single institution. As well as achieving common objectives, the intention is to establish clear links to promote development assistance and economic relations in the recipient countries.

The first meeting of the Group was held at the invitation of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development on 20 September 1975 and was attended by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development and the Saudi Fund for Development.


To jointly address the large financing gap

across the developing world and provide

people access to a better life.


ACG is a strategic alliance that delivers

coordinated and impactful development

finance for a better, sustainable future.