Facts and Figures


To set the strategic direction, the Group has held more than 100 coordination meetings featuring senior leaders, and consistently collaborates on all initiatives.

ACG mobilized US$ 350 million towards Smart Education Financing in collaboration with the Global Partnership for Education with the aims to educate 175 million children in 37 countries.

Members of ACG launched the Lives and Livelihoods Fund which mobilizes US$ 2.5 billion for projects across healthcare, agriculture, and industrial development to eradicate poverty in developing nations.

Since inception, ACG members have granted over 5,000 public sector development loans to over 130 countries.

ACG allocated US$ 10 billion to support developing countries through the COVID-19 pandemic and to stimulate economic recovery following the pandemic-induced contraction.

ACG has contributed to the development of Merowe and Roseires Dams in Sudan, the largest contemporary hydropower project in Africa. The hydropower plant generates 6,500 gigawatt hours of electricity per year, enough to power thousands of homes in Sudan.

ACG has contributed to significant water infrastructure projects in Tunisia and Guinea, providing sustainable water management, water infrastructure and safe, reliable, and affordable water supply to residents.